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Please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 1-800-799-0293 regarding current repairs, estimates, or other inquiries.

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The Canon/CRIS relationship goes back to our founding in 1984. CRIS has been a test instrument vendor, repair subcontractor, and independent authorized service center for Canon film & digital cameras. CRIS is able to purchase parts directly from Canon and service most of their imaging products on the market today. CRIS communicates regularly with Canon and has purchased all available specialized instruments, tools, and software required to repair Canon digital cameras, lenses, & flash units. Back to top

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CRIS is the authorized factory service provider for Vitec Imaging Distribution in the United States. CRIS is authorized to ship and service Metz products within the United States only. For all service, in or out of warranty, a valid U.S. shipping address must accompany the repair.

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CRIS is a Nikon authorized service center with factory trained technicians, specialized tools & required instruments, and decades of technician years in experience. These enable CRIS to provide high quality service on Nikon digital SLR bodies, lenses, and flash units. Consumers, retailers, professionals and businesses across the country rely on CRIS for their Nikon repair needs.

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CRIS is authorized by Panasonic to repair the GH series cameras in the United States. We can purchase parts and have tools and software to perform most repairs on this product. CRIS cannot repair any Panasonic cameras under manufacturer warranty. Panasonic requires all warranty units to be repaired in their McAllen, TX facility.

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CRIS is the oldest and most experienced authorized Sigma service center in the United States. With special tools and instruments collected over decades of relationship with Sigma America & Sigma Japan, CRIS is here for your Sigma lens repair needs.

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CRIS repairs most Sony ILC’s, lenses & flash units, out of warranty only.

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What Happens Next?

Upon receipt at CRIS, a detailed inspection will be performed on your equipment to determine what repairs are required to restore it to proper working order. A repair quote will be provided and repairs will begin once the quote is approved and payment information is received. A return shipping fee will be charged for the return of a refused repair quote. In the event that a repair quote is not approved by the customer within 30 days or CRIS does not hear from the customer within 30 days, the goods may be disposed of.

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Compact Digital Cameras

Point & Shoot, Digital Compact Cameras are becoming difficult to service due to a number of serious circumstances. Repairing this kind of camera often requires expensive and difficult to source parts. For this reason, repairs can cost more than a new product. As there are a subsequently higher number of refused estimates, CRIS has a non-refundable evaluation fee of $25 for compact digital cameras. Those cameras without a removable lens. If the repair estimate is approved, the evaluation fee will be applied toward the repair charges. The main factors which contribute to this trend are;

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Cosmetic Issues

Most repairs of digital SLRs or interchangeable lens cameras require disassembly. The rubber grip material that is used on many modern digital SLR bodies and lenses stretches when removed and rarely goes back into place well. CRIS includes the grip materials in most of its repair quotes. Dust or debris between lens elements is another point of concern. Many times debris is present and is clearly visible while looking at the lens; however, when an image is taken you cannot see the dust particles in the image. We shoot test images with all lenses at f/22, or the smallest available aperture, to assure there are no visible particles in the image post repair.

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Repair Warranty

Repaired products are guaranteed to be free from defects under normal use for the term as specified by product type. Our obligation is to rework the same defect, provided the equipment is returned accompanied with a copy of the original invoice and a work order with detailed defect description, transportation prepaid. We are not responsible for any expense, loss or inconvenience. Any guarantee is voided on any item or parts which have been tampered with by unauthorized persons, misused, neglected or damaged. Consumer Cameras, Lenses, and Photographic Accessories: Guaranteed for 180 days from date of repair. Professional, Commercial, Industrial Photo and Lighting Equipment, Digital Cameras, Lenses & Flash units: Guaranteed for 90 days from date of repair. Also included in this category are items used by professional photographers, commercial institutions, rental agencies, schools and items used in industrial applications. Back to top

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Warranty Repairs

If you are submitting a digital camera, lens, or flash for repair under the manufacturer warranty, always include a copy of the original purchase receipt. CRIS can only repair items of this kind under warranty for NIKON, Inc (USA), SIGMA America Corporation, and Vitec Imaging Distribution US for METZ. Please check your original purchase documents for the limitations of the manufacturer warranty. Once again, always include the original purchase receipt when submitting for warranty repairs. No work can begin without this vital data. Back to top

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