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Bowens, Manfrotto and C.R.I.S. partner to bring you the best service experience possible.

Factory trained and authorized service provider for Manfrotto Distribution in the United States. CRIS is equipped and ready to fulfill all your service needs. Manfrotto lighting brands that are serviced at CRIS include Bowens and Limelite. CRIS’s long-standing quality assurance process ensures that repairs for all of Manfrotto Distribution’s brands and products are inspected and approved before leaving their facility. CRIS promises a full satisfaction guarantee on repairs and labor for 90 days. Our streamlined repair and inventory process ensures for ultimate efficiency and factory authorized quality means only original factory parts are used. CRIS is authorized to service and ship Bowens and Limelite products within the United States only. For all service, in or out of warranty, a valid U.S. shipping address must accompany the repair.  

Forms & Instructions

Bowens, Manfrotto and CRIS are only able to service the products listed in the "currently supported Bowens products" pdf below.

Please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 1-800-799-0293 regarding current repairs, estimates, or other inquiries.


Repaired products are guaranteed to be free from defects under normal use for the term as specified by product type. Repairs on support products are guaranteed for 90 days from date of repair. Our obligation is to rework (same defect) provided the equipment is returned accompanied with a copy of the original invoice and a work order with detailed defect description, transportation prepaid. We are not responsible for any expense, loss or inconvenience. Any guarantee is voided on any item or parts which have been tampered with by unauthorized persons, misused, neglected or damaged.

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A detailed inspection will be performed on your equipment to determine what repairs are required to restore it to proper working order. An estimate will be provided and repairs will begin once the estimate is approved and payment information is provided. A return shipping fee will be charged for the return of a refused estimate. In the event that a repair estimate is not approved by the customer within 30 days or CRIS does not hear from the customer within 30 days, the goods may be disposed of. 

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You must include a copy of the sales receipt or a proof of purchase with your repair. Without this documentation, we will estimate the repair as if it were out of warranty. CRIS is only authorized by Manfrotto Distribution U. S. to service equipment purchased within the United States. For all service, in or out of warranty, a valid U.S. shipping address must accompany the repair. Please note that the manufacturer warranty only covers defects in materials and manufacturing and not wear and tear resulting from usage.

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CRIS specializes in Elinchrom Lighting equipment repairs with factory equipment, tools, parts, and years of technician experience.  Some lighting equipment lasts much longer in the field than product support is available. If you have an old Elinchrom product or power pack, please take an image and email it to us at with a brief description of your requirement. Possible frustration and expensive freight charges can be avoided with a brief email conversation.  We look forward to helping with your Elinchrom products.

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