We are ALMOST there!

August 10, 2016

Hello Dealer Partners,

Thank you for your patience while we develop our new online portal. Currently we are finishing phase one and only have a few hurdles left to clear until publishing. The new portal will operate similarly to our old one with a few short term exceptions. Because time is of the essence we plan to release the portal in two or three phases.
Phase one is the secure nuts and bolts of the portal where work order lookup, communication, approvals, and refusals happen. Phase one will have a list of your repairs and you can drill down to work order detail and communicate through the portal just like the old one. However, there will be no registration of repairs feature, dealer margin calculator, or the pre-registration price look up feature. These features are scheduled for Phase two. Once we publish, we will want your feedback as quickly as possible to fix bugs, make adjustments, and tweak features.

Check back here regularly for updates.
Once the portal is live you can use your old credentials to log in and try it out!

Thank you again for your patience!